Our Commitment
Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Mr. Reiner and his associates are committed to:

  • Informing clients about the best possible outcome for their cases as early in the process as possible,
  • Keeping clients well-informed about the status of their cases in a timely and clear manner, and
  • Acting in our client’s best interest at all times.

By committing to this philosophy for every client and every case we insure that our reputation as a first-rate immigration law firm continues well into the twenty-first century.

Our goals as a firm are to:

  • Keep families united,
  • Add qualified individuals to the U.S. work force,
  • Establish secure homes for individuals who may no longer be safe in their home countries,
  • Provide the most professional and effective representation for those individuals who need it most.

We believe that our work in immigration law improves the lives of individuals and helps make our own country strong.

“We are honored that so many of our clients have been pleased with the results of our work and have recommended us to their family members, friends, and business associates. In this way, our firm will continue to succeed and grow.”

Jan Allen Reiner, Esq.

Initial Consultation

We can answer many of your immigration questions in an initial consultation either by phone or in person.

We will help you assess your situation, identify the immigration issues, and provide information you need to make an informed decision.

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